In Shop Printing

As technology moves on new opportunities arise and to ensure that you have the latest odds on your coupons and also to help keep costs down we can now offer a comprehensive Coupon Download service.

This will enable you print our publications directly in your shop.
This new service, for a nominal fee, will ensure you have access to all the editions with the latest odds updated as they are changed, plus new publications as they are introduced.

To use this service you will require a computer with an internet connection and a printer.
Whereas this service can bring its own benefits it can also be costly for your ink consumables.

The editions are accessed through our website at where you can log in to view, choose and print the publications you want.

To receive more information, costs or to express your interest in of our coupon download service, call Karen on 0121 666 4500,
email: or write to PO Box 150, Birmingham, B5 6BR